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Anna Patrick writes about Detective Nicholas Kraven who uses his special abilities to catch serial killers. One day the very handsome Detective Derek Angel shows up at her door to inform her that bodies have been discovered murdered in the same manner as in her novel Kraven Knows.

He calls himself Kraven and leaves the bodies to please Anna until the day he arranges to meet her face to face to receive his reward for all his hard work. When Anna is repulsed by him and rejects him he attempts to make her his next victim.

After being pushed out a second floor window Anna wakes from a four-week coma with amnesia. She can't remember this handsome detective who blames himself for not being there to protect her or her feelings for him.

Will Anna remember in time the serial killer who tried to make her his sixth victim? When news of Anna coming out of the coma reaches him he starts to kill again. Will she remember before it's too late?

You only think you are safe.



Peyton Jameson O'Brien was twenty-two the last time she set foot in Chesterwood. Her mother was brutally murdered in front of her eyes. Peyton was the only witness, but she can't remember his face. Peyton begged her father to believe that she was having visions of other murders, but he wouldn't listen. There was a missing girl and no one believed her.

Peyton was tormented by her visions so she left behind her best friend, her family and everyone who protected her.

Peyton started a new life and tried to put Chesterwood out of her mind. She fell in love and got married, but the visions still haunted her. Especially the one where her best friend, the kindest and most gently woman Peyton had ever met, Lindsay Brickman was the victim. Peyton tried to block out the horror and ignore the visions so she didn't lose the new life she had made. And now Peyton would have to live with the guilt that Lindsay Brickman was murdered and left a husband and three small children.

Ten years after she had left Chesterwood there was a knock on her door and she was face to face with her husband's pregnant mistress. The betrayal was too much for Peyton to handle so she had to get away, to run away. Back to the only other home she had ever known.

A place where the man who murdered her mother is still free...a place where she let her best friend die and did nothing...a place where the sins of the past are catching up with her.

Trying to keep the ghosts of her past at bay, Peyton meets Duncan Macbain. His kind face and huge heart draw her in. Being wanted by Duncan eases the pain from her husband's betrayal, but doesn't stop the fact that the man who killed her mother knows she's back in town.

This sexual predator killed her mother and her best friend and he isn't finished. Scenes of him hurting the people she loved plague her visions. She can see all the torment, but the missing piece of the puzzle is his face. Remembering the face would solve everything.

Peyton tries to ignore the feelings that she is constantly being watched. She tries to block out the visions of new murders that she feels powerless to stop. She tries to hide from the vision of standing over another coffin.

And now he has taken a little girl, a beautiful little innocent girl who Peyton inadvertently put in his sights.

"Where is she? She's just a baby!"

"She's at our special place Peyton. I have proved that I can get to her and to you Peyton. Leave Chesterwood or you die next." He hung up.

Peyton's mind was racing. Special place? Where is she?

"Oh God," Peyton jumped into the truck and floored it. She knew where she was. With her heart beating out of her chest, Peyton followed the back roads around the lake and turned onto the path that lead up behind her house and passed the Buford's barn to the place where she watched the murder of her mother.

She pulled to the side, locked up the breaks, jumped from the truck and ran across the walking bridge. "Can you hear me?" She screamed in all directions with her heart racing, ears ringing and sweat pouring down her back, "Where are you?" You son of a bitch where is she?

"Honey call out if you can hear me!"

Peyton heard a noise behind her, but as she turned she was struck from behind and the world went dark.


Central Defense Agent Christina Morgan never took a day for herself. She was work twenty-four seven. One afternoon she was tempted to pursue a day just for herself... a magical afternoon making passionate love with man she wasn't supposed to fall for.

Her phone rings with the tragic news that her partner has been murdered. Where was I? Why didn't I have his back? It can't be true. Christina is haunted by her partner's death and now the terrorist who killed him is stalking her and the rest of her CDA team.

She loves her boss, is accused of murdering her partner and has a terrorist assassin breathing down her neck. The passion burning inside her could light up a city, but the guilt suffocating her could be the end of her.

COMMITTMENTS: (Sequel to Connections)

Central Defense Agent Christina Morgan survived the devastating murder of her partner and a severe beating she took at the hands of a monster running a child slavery ring.

After convincing the government that she was fit for duty she left on a long term under cover mission to the Middle East with fellow agent Ian Dent and she has been gone for two months. Today she was pulled from that mission as her past comes back to haunt her once again.

Five years ago during a mission she let herself have feelings for an arms dealer. She retrieved the information our government needed, but he got away. Today he is back with information on a nerve agent that is being brought into the United States in two days and all he wants for the information is her!


Anna Braden was destroyed by the death of her father. She turned to the man who cheated on her---who destroyed her, but whose arms made her forget about the pain that was tearing her apart. Anna tried to stay away from him, after all he was going to be governor. The press and his staff were telling him to get as far away from her as possible, but she couldn't breathe unless she was in his arms.

Governor Elect Joshua Harrington-Armstrong was awakened from a sound sleep to find his ex-wife weeping and trembling at his door. Before he knew it they were in bed together and she wanted him again. A thing he would never have believed in his wildest dreams. But wished for with all his heart, but she belonged to another. No matter how much she wanted him now, what would change with the light of day?

Anna needed protection and not only from herself. Joshua needed a second chance to prove to Anna he would never hurt her again. Would the world come crashing in on them before they got a chance to realize that they had both been searching for something...each other.