Please enjoy the descriptions of my upcoming novels.


HAVIN HOUSE: A story of lust, betrayal...and murder.

Would you do anything for your family? This family would. Two weeks every summer Catherine Havin has a family reunion with her children, her sister's family and her brother.

What could go wrong?

All families have secrets, but this family takes the cake. Murder, rape, extortion...lies upon lies. Who wouldn't want to spend the first two weeks of summer next to a beautiful lake with friends, family, college girls in bikinis and all the alcohol you can drink?

But with this vacation who will get out alive? Because not everyone will!


Arianna Debutante lost her sister Angelina, but she had no idea what kind of world she was walking into when she stepped into her sister's world. On her first day in Carlisle she was attacked by a wolf...was it just a wolf?

She met Ferrin Farkas and couldn't get him out of her mind. Ari had no idea the secrets that Ferrin and his family were hiding as Ari kept dreaming of her sister and couldn't shake the feeling that her sister was still alive...but was she?

Would Ari find out in time that Carlisle was a magical town filled with supernatural beings before she lost her life? Could Ferrin protect Ari or would he fail the same way his brother failed to protect Angelina?

Who will survive the war that an evil vampire is trying to start in Carlisle...will any of them find a happy ending or will they fall to the war within?


Ten people; family, friends, co-workers and strangers...none of them knew on that morning on that bridge their worlds would collide.

Ten people going about their lives and then one morning an accident on the bridge in front of them causes a tractor trailer driver to lose control. A bank robbery, a fight and a police chase set up the scenario for these people to be on this bridge.

Will any of them survive? Will new love found be lost? Will old friends be reunited? Will any of them walk away from The Accident?